Marta Polo

Marta Polo


From my point of view, there are two ways of seeing the world: with or without photographic eye. I’m talking about an eye that makes you want to get on the ground to capture the road’s texture. The same eye that makes you get to the top of a rock because this small change of angulation makes the difference. The same eye that, unconsciously, moves you to get the elements of the shot in a specific way. The photographic eye allows you to see the everyday world in a unique way. For that reason, today, you and I are here. I want to share my way of seeing the world and this is going to be my window to do it.
Welcome, get comfortable, our journey is just getting started.

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Wedding Trailer | Laura y Victor | 13.07.2019 | Lucía Olice x Marta Polo Photo


CAMERA: Lucía Olice y Marta Polo



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